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    Yik Yak Goes ExtinctThe anonymous gossip app is shutting down for good.
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    College Gossip App You Forgot About Ditches AnonymityYik Yak is pivoting, but will it bring users back?
  3. Want to See What Mizzou Activists Are Protesting? Check Out Yik Yak“All this did was cause me to have real racism towards the black community.”
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    Did Yik Yak Attacks Culminate in a Murder?Feminists at the University of Mary Washington say the school ignored the violent threats they received.
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    Parents, Accomplished Creeps, Spying on College Kids With Yik YakPeak creeping. 
  6. the kids are not alright
    A Gossip App Brought My High School to a HaltImagine if everybody you knew in high school could anonymously broadcast the meanest things they ever thought.