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  1. yo yo ma
    See Yo-Yo Ma on the Floor With a WombatYo-Yo Ma takes a cue from Ke$ha, zookeepers.
  2. clickables
    Watch an Amazing Collaboration Between Dancer Lil Buck and Yo-Yo MaBrought to you by Spike Jonze.
  3. ceremony
    Obama Plans to Honor Former President BushThe dad, not the son.
  4. the white house
    Famous People Agree to Help the PresidentDems still love the Hollywood elite.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Suri Cruise Scarfs Cupcakes; TomKat Drinks MartinisPlus: gubernatorial eats and Gossip Girl, all in our weekly celebrity dining roundup.
  6. this seems odd
    People Need to Stop Leaving Priceless String Instruments in CabsWhy does this keep happening?!?
  7. drama
    Yo-Yo Ma and Ashlee Simpson Have More in Common Than You ThinkHis fakery would even make Meg Ryan proud!
  8. right-click
    Wilco Kind of Overdo ItPlus: New M.I.A.!
  9. party lines
    It’s Good to Be Dr. RuthSex follows some women everywhere, even the New York Philharmonic. Tuesday evening, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, 79 years of age and four-foot-seven in height, stood in the aisle waiting for Yo-Yo Ma’s opening-night performance. “Mort Zuckerman just came up and kissed me and said that I’m the best woman around,” she told New York. “And he had a date! She just stood there and smiled. What could she do?” She beamed. “It’s wonderful to be Dr. Ruth!” Westheimer had had a busy day. A study had just been released, showing that 55 percent of divorced women aren’t having sex, and everyone wanted her advice. “If she’s divorced and doesn’t have a partner, it makes sense,” she said. “But I hope that she keeps her libido, her desire for sex, alive. That she goes out, that she looks around if there are any eligible people, and if not, I do say that until she finds a partner, I want her to masturbate.”