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You've Got Mail

  1. sponcon
    Taylor Swift Decides Revenge Is Best Served … Via UPS TruckThe West and Perry households should keep an eye out for suspicious packages.
  2. The Voice of AOL’s ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Is Driving an Uber in OhioYou’ve got … Uber.
  3. Breaking News: Mindy Kaling Likes Rom-Coms, and Here Are Her Top Picks“There are no guilty pleasures, only pleasures.” And then The Holiday, right?
  4. you've got mail
    These Designers Will Email You a Personalized Ad CampaignA reason to look forward to checking your inbox.
  5. the blues
    Nora Ephron Despised Blue, Banned It From Her Movies“This color blue doesn’t exist. It has not been invented!”
  6. the canon
    A Guide to They Came Together’s Rom-Com ReferencesYou’ve Got Mail, much?
  7. vulture debates
    You’ve Got Mail Vs. Sleepless in Seattle: Fight!Which Nora Ephron classic is better? Or are they even any good at all?
  8. death of a postman
    Postal Service Cutting Saturday Mail to Pinch PenniesPackages will still come six days a week.
  9. acting
    Paul Giamatti As Twilight’s Edward, Magic MikeGiving these romantic leads the Giamatti flair!
  10. feuds
    Gaga Takes Slimane’s Side Against Horyn, via TwitterVia Twitter, naturally.
  11. you've got mail
    Hedi Slimane Gets His Own ‘Open Letter’From a critic at the London Times.
  12. memories
    Mindy Kaling Walked Us Through You’ve Got MailShe says it’s the “most soul-mate-y of soul-mate movies.”
  13. nora ephron
    Visit the Ancient Website for You’ve Got MailR.I.P. Nora Ephron.
  14. vulture lists
    Five Great Nora Ephron Movie ScenesHer mark on the modern romantic comedy can’t be overstated.
  15. you've got mail
    That Creepy eHarmony Message May Not Be From Your Perfect MatcheHarmony got hacked.
  16. you've got mail
    Someone Sent a Foot and Hand to Vancouver SchoolsBody parts are still turning up in Canada.
  17. you've got mail
    Canadian Politician Receives Severed FootOne Conservative party member believes it has nothing to do with politics.
  18. you've got mail
    Iowans Receive Santorum Letter Bashing Romney“It truly frightens me to think what’ll happen if Mitt Romney is the nominee.”
  19. chat room
    Vulture Watches You’ve Got Mail With Mindy Kaling’The Office’ writer and actress dissects her favorite romantic comedy.