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  1. party lines
    Photos: The American Ballet Theatre’s Opening Night GalaBeautiful people in beautiful gowns.
  2. intel
    The Annals of Socialite Upstarts: Out With Olivia Palermo, in With Emily Brill?So January was cold, and February was short, but now it’s finally March. And you know what that means? It’s party time! No, not for you. For people who matter. We know since SocialiteRank.com shut down nearly a year ago, you haven’t been as able to keep track of what’s been going on with Tinsley and Zani and Margherita, but, trust us, they’re still out every night, flawlessly executing that arm move that Ellen Page has been trying to imitate! See, March is when the events for young socialites really begin in earnest. Last night saw the Riverkeeper benefit at the Hearst Tower, hosted by the ecocharity’s junior council. Scheduled next week is the American Museum of Natural History’s Winter Dance and the Frick’s Young Fellows’ Ball. A quick peek down the list of all the host committees show that, this year, all the fun is dominated by one set of friends. Claire Bernard, Maggie Betts, and Jamie Johnson are on the committees of all three of the above events, and they are joined here and there by Amanda Hearst, Hudson Morgan, Annie Churchill, Andrew Black, Derek Blasberg, and Byrdie Bell. This is a little bit of a shift away from the Tinsley-Dabney-Lydia axis, but it’s essentially the same gang. Which isn’t surprising, only…where’s Olivia Palermo?
  3. photo op
    Is Zani Gugelmann Being Ironic?Our internal dialogue regarding the above picture of Zani Gugelmann from yesterday’s Charlotte Ronson show: Wait a second. Is Zani Gugelmann really wearing an anti-fur button on a shearling coat? No. She can’t be. But it looks kind of like she is. Maybe the fur is fake? But it is so lustrous. It looks like real fur. But can it really be possible that she picked up the anti-fur button, chirped ‘I support animals,’ and pinned it to her (fur-lined) bosom without noticing that as she did this her fingers brushed actual fur? NO. Yes? No. YES. Also, are those leather boots? Etc. Rock and Ronson [Park Avenue Peerage]
  4. show & tell
    Barbara Walters, Tinsley Mortimer, Patricia Field at Oscar de la RentaOscar de la Renta is the designer for the Laura Bushes of the world, and his front row yesterday was, as one might guess, a socialite-a-polooza. Every girl you see on Patrick McMullan was taking mental notes on which evening gown to get her husband or father to buy for her.