Fashion Week's Exit Returns

Amanda Lepore and Richie Rich talk politics backstage at Heatherette. Photo: Photographs by Patrick McMullan

Tuesday was Primary Day, and New Yorkers went to the polls to pick their favorite Democrats (Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo, YES; Tom Suozzi and Mark Green, NO.). At Bryant Park, capital of the Republic of Fashion, we asked some citizens if they'd chosen a candidate that day.

Richie Rich

Did you get to vote today?

No, and I feel awful, hello!

What political issues are you interested in for New York?

I'd like to see public schools get a lot better. Teachers aren't treated the way they should be treated. The homeless issue is really bad; if people need help, we should reach out instead of ignoring them.

Sofia Coppola

Did you get to vote today?

Is today voting day? I guess that answers your question.


What political issues are you interested in for New York?

The education issue is a big thing for me. And the rat problem is a big deal for me. It's disgusting, and I think they're not doing anything about it. I'm particularly pissed about it.

Nicky Hilton

Did you get to vote today?


Did you get to vote today?

[Blank look] No. I don't really...I never like to comment about political stuff. I'm sorry. I have to go. I'm in the show.

Amanda Lepore

What laws would you create for fashion?

Well, certainly that you could wear white shoes everywhere!

Why was that guy pointing a hair dryer at your nipples when we came over?

I was here for a long time having my hair done. It was cold, and my nipples were hard and they were starting to hurt. Now they're starting to feel better with the blow-drying.

Fiona Byrne