The Fug Girls: Our First Fashion Show

Kristin Cavallari and Carmen ElectraPhotograph by Patrick McMullan

Today's BCBG show was our very first fashion event, and we feel brainwashed by the pomp and circumstance. So much so that we each seriously considered accepting a free pair of tragically trendy bright-red leggings on our way out, and we are two self-proclaimed crusaders against them.

From our perch above and behind the front row, our celebrity-spotting radar was vigorously tested. Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari arrived in a wrinkled, billowing blue blouse and ratty old jeans that she had to keep yanking up. Under the cover of her frothy media attention, Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child sneaked in, as did Leven Rambin of All My Children. We're happy to see a 16-year-old fashionista-in-training attending a show with stuff that's actually age-appropriate for her, but she'll go straight to her room if she attempts to wear these outfits as the models did: sans bra.

HEATHER: Who is that sitting next to Kristin Cavallari?

JESSICA: I think it's Lydia Hearst, maybe? You know, the socialite who you think looks like SNL's Will Forte?

HEATHER: Oh, right. But I actually think it looks a bit like Lauren Conrad. Which would make sense, since she knows Kristin.

JESSICA: It might also be Carmen Electra. I wish they would turn around. Don't they want to see who's staring at the backs of their heads?

Turns out it was Carmen Electra, although we've yet to figure out what those two have in common aside from letting MTV document relationships that ultimately fell apart. Maybe that's all the female bonding anyone needs.

Rounding out the front row was Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill. We failed to I.D. her via shiny brown ponytail, but we caught her by the VIP exit posing cheerfully. She's refreshingly normal-looking in person — as Jessica put it, "She looks just like the prettiest girl at your high school." Which in Jessica's case is a literal statement, as they went to the same high school. Okay, so fine: We love her. Shut up. We're allowed to like people, too.

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