Women Gather, Adore Zac Posen

Mary-Kate Olsen is one lucky girl: There's all the millions, of course, and then there's the fact that she — unlike the rest of us — doesn't have to stand in line to get into parties for Fashion Week. She sneaks in the back, accompanied by four bodyguards and covered by two umbrellas, thereby escaping the drudgery of queuing up, the pain of posing for photos, and the mortal danger of an incredibly light rain.

M-K swept into the Soho Grand in a blur of hair and legs (which we're happy to see on display. Maybe this means her tragic Derelicte phase of enveloping herself in sleeping bags and calling them clothes is behind us), looking uncharacteristically happy and carrying a Red Bull. She made a beeline for Zac Posen, chatted him up for fifteen minutes and, having paid her respects, left.

Indeed, Posen spent much of the night in company of the young women who love him: Kate Bosworth (who was drinking a beer, of all things — and good for her, she needs the carbs), socialite Camilla Al Fayed, and Bee Shaffer (on whom, we admit, we have kind of a girl crush. Her hair is so shiny!). And there was David Spade — petite and blond as a girl, but with the reedy facial hair of a boy who's waiting for his last delivery of hormones.

And let us not forget Gretchen Mol, which we actually did until we reviewed our notes. At one point, we overheard a man telling her vehemently, "It's $4,000 a month. You have to take it." Apparently, she's either found a lovely new apartment or a cruddy new job.

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