Erin Fetherston Seduces Brittany Snow — With Her Bangs, of Course

With her blindingly blonde hair and pale skin, Erin Fetherston is the designer most likely to be spotted from space, but her collection yesterday was a parade of dresses in muted shades of grays and pinks, plus playful headgear. "I always love little whimsical things," Fetherston told us. "I was kind of imagining this really amazing woman who lives in her aviary and her birds are just always perched on her."

"It was very girlie and fresh," said Brittany Snow, who noted that this show was her second ever, after BCBG. She spotted a few dresses she wanted to have but couldn't quite remember which ones. "I hate actors who are checking off lists. You just watch them and you’re like, 'Oh, they’re just going to get that for free!'" But what Snow really coveted wasn't clothes at all. "I want bangs like [Fetherston’s]! I tried to rock the bangs for a bit, and it really did not work out." —Jada Yuan

Watch a slideshow of the Erin Featherston collection.