Marc(ia), Marc(ia), Marc(ia)!

Pity the designers who had to show today, hopelessly stuck in the shadow of Marc Jacobs. Monique who?, you say? So you're hungry for more Marc coverage, right? We thought you were!

• To the folks who think last night's MJ fracas was a parade of Grey Gardens–esque looks, the Jezebels beg to differ. [Jezebel]
• Speaking of MJ, just how apeshit did the photogs go when Victoria Beckham arrived at the show? See for yourself. [GlamChic]
• As for the show's chronically late start time (more than two hours past when it was scheduled), Robin Givhan and her dog are pissed. [Off the Runway/WP]
• And did those tarts from The Hills work backstage at the Marc by Marc show? [Fashionista]
• Finally, let John Currin sum it all up: "If Marc put on a shitty show, it would be a really big fucking deal." [Partylines]