Runway Rankings: Your 100 Favorite (and Least Favorite) Fall 2007 Looks

Who doesn't secretly dream of playing editor, sitting front row, notepad ready, doling out edicts faster than Anna Wintour can make assistants cry? Well, budding fashionistas, whip out those stilettos and let it rip with our new Runway Rankings.

Did you love those Proenza hats? Or totally loathe that fuzzy thing 6267 sent down the runway — really, what was that? This Fashion Week, let the world know with just one click by marking a photo "fabulous" or "hideous." On Friday, we'll start showing you a constantly updated list of your 100 favorite (and least favorite) looks so far.

In the meantime, take a look at (and vote on!) the 100 most fabulous and hideous looks for the fall 2007 ready-to-wear collections, which readers have been voting on since May. It's just like being at the shows — minus the mayhem, the lines, and the bitchy, hungry girls.

[Update: So, um, we're having some technical difficulties with Fabulous/Hideous right now. Order will hopefully be restored in a few hours.]

[Second Update: It works again!]

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