Scalpers Love the Tents

• Dying to score a magic ticket to the Zac Posen show? On Craigslist, $750 just might do the trick. [Fashionista]
• Don't despair if you're feeling overwhelmed by this year's crop of talent; your confusion is nothing a little last-minute rundown can't fix. []
• Jeremy Laing, Alexander Wang, the duo behind Rag & Bone, and others allow a peek into their mad dash toward Fashion Week. [Refinery29]
• If you've ever felt disgruntled about designer prices, just look at how much it costs for them to even show you their wares. [Forbes]
• Former Trovata boys Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos opt out of the tents, preferring to debut their collection online. [WWD]
• Blogging Fashion Week? You're going to need more equipment than your Chloé bag can take. [FabSugar]
• Is Gemma mysteriously MIA this week? [Fashionista]
• Finally, as we check and double-check our plans to feverishly take part in the joy of the tents, we dare you to try to organize your own schedule. [Coutorture]