Serena Williams Is Trying, Damn You

The chaotic, shutterbug-infested scene at Zac Posen's show meant that celebrities from Demi on down to Ivana Trump were unavailable for us to chat up. And so Serena Williams, sitting just outside the fray, provided the rote quotes we've come to expect from every celebrity who isn't Vincent Gallo. "I love Zac. It’s one of my favorite shows to attend," she told us, remarking that she would take the show list home and order later. The poor thing looked and sounded so exhausted we weren't sure she'd make it another ten minutes to see Zac's parade of fabulous dresses. We wondered if she was still tuckered out from her loss in the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open to eventual winner Justine Henin, but it became clear that she was actually tired from getting dressed. "I take at least an hour to get ready anytime I go out, whether it's to play or go here," she said with a weary sigh. "It's always about trying to look your best. Like I said, it's hard work. I'm really trying." —Jada Yuan