The Look Book Is All Grown Up: Bonus Street-Style Outtakes From the Actual Book

New York Magazine has been running the Look Book, a weekly street-style column, for over three years now. We have a lot of favorites, from the very first one, opera buff Thelma Schnitzer, to Fulton Street B-boys Glenn Staley and Kyle Mingo.

Remember Sam Parker, the art student with a thing for Yves Saint Laurent textiles? Kay Goldberg, the gorgeous West Village rocker? Remember the immortal Bobby Vita? Remember, always, Oleg Cassini. We're tearing up here.

The Look Book has come a long way — so far, in fact, that it is now an actual book (available at a bargain price of $19.96 at!). Mixed in with all the magazine Look Books interviewed by columnist Amy Larocca and shot by photographer Jake Chessum are plenty of exclusive new ones. We present nine of those in this slideshow, from a filmmaker who wants to talk only about Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a jazz archivist named Shakti.

The Look Book Slideshow: Bonus Edition [NYM]
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