Video: Vincent Gallo and Andrew Andrew Swoon Over Male Models, Damien Hirst Jeans

The crowd at the Warhol Factor X Levi's X Damien Hirst show — or, more simply, "that Damien Hirst Levi's thing" — at Gagosian Gallery last night was a study in twins. D.J. team Andrew Andrew, who dressed all in white because they "simply couldn't let go" after Labor Day, were joined by the "Hilton sisters," two male artists in matching black and green embroidered shirts and bolo ties in a tribute to the original Hilton sisters, who were apparently Siamese twins from the turn of the century.

But both pairs were upstaged by actual twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who came to see the giant spin paintings Damien Hirst produced specially for the show as well as the really quite amazing spin-art jeans and 501s studded with crystal skulls. Who'd wear those? A guy like Casey Spooner, apparently. He talked to Jada Yuan, as did Andrew Andrew —who described the jeans as "like liquid crystal gold" — and Vincent Gallo. Watch the video to see the interviews and the runway show.