Amy Winehouse to Perform at Louis Vuitton Show in Paris

Winehouse in London today Photo: FilmMagic

• Amy Winehouse is getting paid $1 million to perform at the Louis Vuitton show this weekend. [Fashionista]

• Karl Lagerfeld did what was expected from him for Chanel with frayed-edge skirt suits. He surprised with frayed jean skirts. [WSJ]

• Larry King asks Janet Jackson a lot of personal questions about her weight and her relationship with food. [Jezebel]

• Women may avoid going to the doctor because they don't like getting weighed in front of other people, especially because some doctors keep their scales in the hallways. [NYT]

• Someone stole a pink snakeskin bag from the Loewe presentation in Paris this week. The Loewe people are watching for it on eBay. []