Rag & Bone Sets the Box on Fire

We're not sure which was the bigger crisis at the Rag & Bone after-party last night at the Box: The fact that a fire alarm went off around 11p.m., prompting a visit from the FDNY, or the fact that the D.J. followed said fire scare by playing "Burning Down the House," prompting the already jumpy Box management to stomp through the balcony, proclaiming, "That's it! We're clearing out the floor!" In the end the D.J. changed the song, and the fire was determined to have been caused not by some burlesque performer who shoots flames out of her you-know-what (not that we doubt the Box would feature such a thing) but by a candle that burned down too low in the bathroom. Frustrated by the dearth of the Box's usual midgets and flame-y freaks (perhaps that was the party's real crisis), we adjourned to the Baby Phat party at Suzie Wong's where we encountered a different but no less fascinating set of Fashion Week creatures: two male models, both with facial scars, one from Jamaica, the other from Jamaica, Queens. —Jada Yuan