Anne Hathaway Saw the Super Bowl Weeks Ago!

"Did you guys catch the World Series yesterday?" Photo: Patrick McMullan

Anne Hathaway probably won't see any fashion shows or watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. Instead, she'll be tending to her father, who's recovering from surgery after a skiing accident. "I might be playing nurse," she told us at the Erin Fetherston show Friday evening. But she already celebrated the Super Bowl weeks ago. "I think it was like the football final deciding who was gonna get to the Super Bowl, and I'm so not a football fan, I thought that was the Super Bowl," she told us. "So I threw a party. And no one told me. I made hot wings, I made seven-layer bean dip, and had this whole thing. And I was like, Wow, no one else has a Super Bowl party to go to! That's amazing!" Her boyfriend, scandal-plagued Italian real-estate developer Raffaello Follieri, was no help. "He only likes European football," Hathaway told us. —Bennett Marcus