Best and Worst Dressed From Roberta Armani's Book Party

From left, Alli Smith wins last night's Best Dressed award;Juliette Harford takes home the Worst Dressed trophy, andperhaps some very cold feet. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Last night, Roberta Armani (niece of Giorgio) oh-so-appropriately hosted a party for the release of Inheriting Beauty, a book of the world's most stunning heiresses as photographed by Roger Moenks. Paris Hilton was automatically nixed from the book, leaving us to believe there is a God — an idea which we immediately gave up on when it snowed on party night. The weather did not make selecting a chic party outfit very easy, especially for those of us who don't have a black car in which to hide our unseemly snow boots. We suppose one could have brought a shopping bag and — gasp — changed shoes, then opting to check them with one's coat (double gasp), but that would be so tacky.

So we browsed the Patrick McMullan photos to see what outfits the party set came up with, given the gauntlet thrown by Mother Nature. Ice powder aside, Alli Smith looked great. Pulling off white pants is never easy, but this pair is the perfect length and fits her terrifically. The belted jacket gives her a nice waist and looks warm, to boot. We also appreciate simple hair and makeup with bright lipstick. Minimal fuss makes for minimal mess with nasty conditions outside.

Meanwhile, we don't know who Juliette Harford is, but clearly she was one of the luckies who was able to change her shoes inside. So doesn't she have a pair without wooden planks attached? As for the coat, the Woodbury Commons Santa called: He wants his winter wonderland back.