Breaking: Ferré Dumps Nilsson

Lars Nilsson: Unemployed. Again.Photo: Getty Images

After not even six months with Lars Nilsson at its helm, Gianfranco Ferré has released a statement saying that it has "ended its relationship" with the Swedish designer, sans explanation. Interesting — or, if you're a Nilsson fan, this is just plain tragic. Nilsson was hired in September following Ferré's death in June; previously, he had been at Nina Ricci — until he quit, that is. And before that, he was fired from Bill Blass. Some people just can't catch a break, or hold on to a job. Hint to Lars: There's a towel, and there's a time to throw it. Just a thought.

Though the Ferré show will be held as scheduled on February 18 (the fall '08 collection is a tribute to the late designer), the company has said a "new creative direction" will be articulated afterwards. Nilsson, in the meantime, will be staring long and hard at his hands.

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