Breaking: Marc Jacobs May Have Paid Dearly to Show in the Armory

Marc Jacobs, victim. Photo: Patrick McMullan

James Jackson, the superintendent of the 69th Regent Armory on 26th and Lexington, is accused of soliciting over $30,000 in bribes from Marc Jacobs and other vendors to ensure their ability to hold shows in the cavernous, medieval-looking space. The Armory is used for high-end events like Jacobs's shows and Vogue's Seventh on Sale charity shopping event, though Vogue hasn't yet been included on the list of purported victims (perhaps Jackson fears Anna Wintour as much as we do).

Jacobs is scheduled to show his fall '08 collection in the Armory this Friday night; we wonder what was this year's shakedown. Did Jackson hit up Marc for the long, gray-striped cover-up with see-through panels? Maybe a limited-edition Louis Vuitton bag? And are any of these things worth twenty years in the slammer? Actually, maybe we shouldn't answer that. —Amy Odell

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