Breaking: Medical Emergency at the Tents!

Our diligent correspondent reports: "They're saying a person is having heart palpitations — not sure who it is, but they're not letting anyone past check-in. I can hear sirens, but I assume they're not going to send paramedics in through the front."

Please, God, don't let it be a model. More as we know it.

Update, 2:48 p.m.: Exhale. If there was a fool who dared to interrupt the collections, he or she has supposedly been removed from the premises (and rightfully so — really, the nerve). That is to say: Something may have happened, but we don't know what. It might have been nothing. But you know how the hive likes to get worked up at the mere possibility of drama, whether it actually happened or not. And, uh, we don't know if it did. What were we talking about again? Anyhow, the shows must go on!