Uliana Tikhova Picks School (and New York) Over Paris

Where you been, girl? Photo: Imaxtree

Though Nina Ricci’s newest collection remains a well-kept secret, we can tell you who not to expect come Sunday: Uliana Tikhova. After closing last season’s show, Tikhova has missed all of the Paris shows to take exams back home in Russia. Yes, she has actually chosen education over modeling. (Take a moment to process if you need to.) It may be an unexpected choice, especially during the biggest week of the year, but it turns out the girl's got a bit of a nerd thing going on: She wants to become a surgeon. Also, her agency’s planned this schedule so, even though she's missing the shows, she can be rushed back to New York for work as soon as she takes her last exam. Take that, gay ol' Paris. —Kendall Herbst