Cynthia Rowley: Best. Front Row. Ever!

It's so obvious he'd be into fashion. Photo: Getty Images

You already know from our dear Fugs that Cynthia Rowley snagged Martha Plimpton, Parker Posey, Alan Cumming, Lindsay Price, Kim Raver, Aisha Tyler, and Karen Duffy for her show’s front row. But after looking over some photos, we discovered that she also scored artist Tom Sachs, Waris Ahluwalia, and … Philip Seymour Hoffman. If one of our greatest actors, a Tony nominee and Broadway's reigning period actress, a hipster Sikh, and a guy who's made a sculpture entitled Prada Deathcamp (plus two indie-film mainstays, one of whom tells random reporters about the time he had sex with a random reporter in a hotel room) don’t add up to the season's coolest front row for you, well, you might just be from L.A. —Jada Yuan

On the runway: Cynthia Rowley