Donna Karan Is a Proactive Paranoiac

Donna Karan hides her nerves at the Gucci benefit. Photo: WireImage

Diane Von Furstenberg and Narciso Rodriguez were glowing and ready to party at last night's Gucci/Madonna-hosted benefit for UNICEF and Raising Malawi at the U.N. But then, their shows were already over. Donna Karan was less sanguine. Her show isn't until tomorrow, and, like a fretful mother, she worried about being away from her collection for too long. "I'm nervous," Karan said. "I shouldn't even be here." Does she have any preshow rituals? "Yeah — not going out right before my show!" She fidgeted. "I have all fittings tomorrow. I mean, the line is finished, so I feel good about it. No crises yet." The thought brought on a mild panic attack. "That's very unusual," she said. "The fact that there are no crises is making me nervous, like, 'Okay, what's really wrong?'" We really hope she took advantage of the open bar. —Jada Yuan