Supima Cotton Gives NYC Its Own Cotton Field

This is what cotton bales look like. Now you know. Photo: Getty Images

Supima Cotton is opening up a pop-up store in Soho on March 14, featuring pieces by fifteen contemporary designers like AG Adriano Goldschmied, Three Dots, Gilded Age, and Zooey. And what's a store opening, really, without a crazy promotional campaign? Before the store flings open its doors they plan to promote it with — we shit you not — a cotton field on the corner of Broadway and Houston. Yes, they are going to set up a MOCK COTTON FIELD. We wish we could make this up. According to a Supima rep, employees will have "actual bales of cotton and hand them out to people walking by. It will be a sight to see." Oh, she's got that right. You can grab your very own bale of cotton on Saturday, March 8, and Saturday, March 15, which you can then, uh, spin into fabric and sew into nice new clothes for all those poor Supima reps, who'll be workin' the fields all the livelong day.