Gemma Film Doesn’t Suck; Mactress Curse Lifted?

The following information may be hard to swallow — especially if you paid to see Fair Game in theaters — but one of our favorite catwalkers may have made a successful transition into the dicey model-slash-actress category. Gemma Ward appears in the upcoming film Black Balloon, which won Berlin Film Festival's Crystal Bear prize, a best-feature honor awarded by young panelists. Undoubtedly, the movie is helped by Toni Collette’s respectable, hyphenate-free career — but the mere fact that the picture’s already garnering awards means that Ward, who has a sizable love-interest role, didn’t ruin it! We repeat: A MODEL DID NOT RUIN THIS FILM. Enjoy a preview of the flick above.

No verdict yet on fellow mactress Julie Ordon’s success in Flashbacks of a Fool, which wrapped last month. But it's a Daniel Craig movie, so odds are we’d end up seeing it anyway, drooling, and singing its praises regardless of its quality. —Kendall Herbst

Black Balloon Starring Gemma Ward Wins Berlin Film Festival Award [Sassybella]