In the Tents, You're Important If You Say You Are

Joy Bryant, Mandy Moore, and Ginnifer Goodwin: We respect Goodwin's decision to not freeze to death. Photo: Getty Images

We've no shortage of observations and anecdotes from this morning's Hérve Léger show, and here's one more: When we arrived, we intercepted a tall redhead sporting an accent and a cream-colored Léger dress. "I just want to make sure I'm in a good seat," she told her handler. The photographers were clustered on the other side of the runway, so the handler ushered her to the opposite front row where she posed and everyone clicked away. We asked around, but not one reporter or photog knew who she was. But she was wearing the requisite tight dress from the designer, and she was in good company: Anna Wintour, Mandy Moore, Rose McGowan, and other A-listers lined the runway.

Amongst the recognizable boldfaces were many other supposedly famous gals, though no one we asked could name them, either. But the press dutifully interviewed and photographed them all. —Amy Odell