Introducing the Prettiest Blog on the Block

For the past three Fashion Weeks, has obsessively covered the scene both inside and outside the tents, from the life-changing (how late did that last Marc show start?) to the minute (Nicky Hilton, did you seriously ban us from your show? WTF?). We sent the Fug Girls to the tents so that they might opine on Gwen Stefani's baby and Justin Bobby's beret; our fashion divas Harriet Mays Powell and Amy Larocca performed instant trend-spotting; nightlife guru Jada Yuan's team swarmed the parties, whether the hosts liked it or not; and we got the inside scoop from retailers and industry experts throughout each week.

And then we stopped, until the next Fashion Week.

But stopping has never really been New York's style, and we don't see why we should. So no more of that! Welcome to the Cut, a new blog that will publish through Fashion Week and beyond, reporting daily on everything happening in the most important (or at least the most aesthetically pleasing) industry on earth. Helmed by Amy Odell with contributions from New York magazine's stable of writers, the Cut promises next-day slideshows of every significant fashion show around the globe, daily Best Bets, Model Manual, fashion calendar, and video features, plus more — and now on a daily, bloggy basis. Those are all the excuses you could possibly need to procrastinate all day, year-round. Why, you're welcome! We do it because we care.