Lacoste Is So Over the Celebrity Thing

Lacoste doesn’t like famous people. No, seriously: "We don't really care about personalities," said Lacoste designer Christophe Lemaire. "We feel it's a stupid game to play. There are so many famous people wearing Lacoste anyway, we don't need to pretend or show off." [WWD]
• The latest in Celebrismells: Eva Mendes will now be branding herself in a bottle for Calvin Klein. Now that she's in rehab, Calvin's sincerely the sort of business partner she could use. [British Vogue]
• Unknown models come back from Brazil with pink eye. We can only imagine, though we'd prefer not to. [Fashionista]
Gucci coffee cups for the new store: Are you sure you're even good enough to drink out of them? [WWD]