Ladies Who Lunch at Dennis Basso

Haven't you always wanted to wear Cousin Itt? Photo: Imaxtree

To furrier Dennis Basso's credit, his show this afternoon started only 40 minutes late. Considering the PETA Flyer Patrol outside the tents, the beefed-up security, and an unconfirmed medical emergency that delayed check-in, we found the expediency with which we were seated to be quite impressive. Especially given the crowd: Though we did spot otherwise-laying-low socialite Olivia Palermo, the show was mostly populated with an older crowd; perhaps it was the first where we saw so many, ahem, ladies of a certain age. The Face-lifts needed a little extra help getting settled: "Where are the seaters?" one asked. "Miss? Miss?" Someone quickly came over and sat the woman in the front-row seat she had been standing directly in front of.

Once the show started, the fur literally went flying. As the models glided by, tufts of the soft stuff floated off the creations. The collection went over well with Lipstick Jungle star Brooke Shields, whose hands were aflutter with little claps as she kept saying, "Love it; LOVE IT." The rest of the time, she was wide-eyed with her mouth agape — we hope she didn't get any errant pieces of chinchilla in there.

The Upper East Side crowd mobbed the designer after the presentation, showering him with the requisite fabulouses and geniuses. "I love your skirt," one stiff-haired dame said to another. Upon learning that the skirt wasn't Basso, she replied, "Ugh. But it's faaaabulous."

After receiving flowers from another fan, Basso tossed them at some guy and ordered, "Just put them on the floor." —Amy Odell

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