Lake Bell Has a Friend for Every Occasion

Bell, in search of pinochle partners. Photo: Getty Images

Actress Lake Bell gets a lot out of her friendships. She came to New York for childhood buddy Lyn Devon’s show. “Can you imagine if that was your friend?” Bell gushed. “You'd be like 'score for me!' I get to say, 'That's my friend,' and wear her stuff. I'm wearing her jacket right now!” When we called her out for eating a salmon hors d'oeuvre after telling us she's vegan, she had the perfect excuse. "It's okay, I already came out about my fish-eating-ness to my closest vegan friend, Alicia Silverstone, and she already approves." So does she do crosswords with Will Shortz? Shop for sunglasses with Anna Wintour? "Eva Longoria's a wicked Mafia player, did you know that? She'll get all the Desperate Housewives and actors and a bunch of NBA players and just cook a bunch of food for a Mafia party. We'll all be in sweatpants, yelling at each other till 3 a.m." Oh, yeah? If she's such good friends with Eva, where's Mrs. Longoria Parker now? "Oh! I was telling her to come tonight. Here, let's text her." And so she did. —Amy Preiser