Male Models Also Too Skinny Now; Jacobs Under Investigation; Victoria Beckham Has Landed

• The manorexia story (broken by Daily Intel in Milan!) has followed the fashion shows to New York, where male models are now skinnier than ever. Designers say the noodle look goes better with all those skinny suits. Women remain skinnier than ever. [NYT]
• The Armory extortion scandal widens: It turns out that Marc Jacobs himself is now also under investigation, and PR powerhouse KCD might be too. [Daily Intel]
• Victoria Beckham is in town for the Spice Girls' tour, but she'll probably harness the publicity to start her own fashion line, which she keeps saying is her true dream. The Marc Jacobs muse and model will most likely be at his show tomorrow. [NYDN]
Tommy Hilfiger is engaged to former blonde bombshell model Dee Ocleppo. She's been his best accessory for a while, and she'll unveil hers — an undoubtedly weighty ring — at Hilfiger's show today. [NYP]
• Fashion Week trivia: Which celebrity has seen the most shows so far this Fashion Week? Sophia Bush! Can you name them all? Most visible runners-up: Amy Smart, Rose McGowan, and Rihanna. [WWD]
Rodarte lived up to the hype: Cathy Horyn likes it! Including the whole shaggy yarn thing she panned at Ohne Titel. She finds Michael Kors "cheerful" and Marc by Marc "80s cute," but Narciso Rodriguez felt "imaginatively constrained." [NYT]
• Is Ruffian's Fall 2008 collection a little bit too similar to that of Balenciaga Spring 2006? Cue raised eyebrows. [Fashionologie]