Max Azria Launched Three Collections. Now He Dances!

"!" Photo: Patrick McMullan

Max Azria, the design world’s most adorable happy little man, just completed the très impressive feat of launching three different collections (BCBG, Hervé Léger, and Max Azria) in the span of four days. How was he holding up at the end? We found him in extremely high spirits last night at the Bowery Hotel, surrounded by his loyal crew of young starlets — Sophia, Jaime, Brittany — and giving out drinks and hugs to anyone who passed by. “Zis is ze celebration of my release!” he said. “I am free! Whiskey, Champagne, and zen we dance!” Tomorrow, he said, he planned on making “meellions of dollars' worth of deals for our collections. No, beellions!” And he insisted that he hadn't even broken a sweat getting three different lines off the ground. “On a CD, you have twelve songs,” he exclaimed. “I could make twelve collections!” —Jada Yuan