Miss J. Alexander Applauds Karen Elson’s Fall at Zac Posen

He's seen panties, G-strings, no panties… Photo: Patrick McMullan

As you heard here first, the tents were abuzz last night with news that Zac Posen had virtually banned celebrities from attending his show — and that runway veteran Karen Elson had taken a catwalk tumble in the designer’s impossible platform heels. Runway coach Miss J. Alexander said he could have seen the fall coming; platform heels are fashion-show suicide, and Irina Kulikova had tottered twice earlier. But in the scheme of things, Miss J said the fall wasn't that big of a deal. "I've seen bigger models fall," he told us. "I've seen asses up in the air. Panties, G-strings, no panties. The great thing is that she fell in the right dress. It was gorgeous. And what a way to enter the stage! Whoosh, on the floor, in just a big puff of silk tulle and organdy." As for the no-celeb rumor, it turned out to be true. "I guess that's why they put my black ass in the third row," said Miss J. —Jada Yuan