New From Milan: Pringle's Baggy Sack, Emporio Armani's Furry Man Purse

From left, Prada, Bottega Venetta, La Perla. Photo: Photos: Imaxtree

Get your fashion while it's hot — from the Milan runways, we mean. Please do indulge in today's latest shows; they're calorie-free, of course.

• Have you heard about the black lace at Prada? Everyone is raving, and with good reason.

• The designer for Gianfranco Ferré left the company just before the runway show; some critics thought it showed. You decide.

• If you're sick of the baggy-sack look, stay away from Pringle of Scotland.

Belstaff has that whole buttoned-up and boxy look down pat.

• It's so refreshing to look at the warm winter whites from Blugirl.

• Is a furry man purse really what a gentleman wants for fall '08? For better or worse, Emporio Armani seems to think so.

• Without question, the Desperate Housewives of New York will be tearing apart the Upper East Side in these La Perla suits.

• Some critics complained the wide-leg pants at Ferragamo hid the brand's signature shoes, but the sacrifice may have been worth it for such a fluid look.

• Poufy hair (finally!) and equally lively looks in leopard prints and purples showed at Moschino.