Slightly Different Universe at Custo Barcelona

It's impossible to choose a lyric to quote here. Photo: Getty Images

Having spent most of our week clustered amongst French folk, we welcomed the change to hang with their fun southern neighbors from Spain at yesterday's Custo Barcelona show. As we don't speak Spanish, we were sadly unable to understand any of the conversations happening around us, but actions speak louder than foreign languages: We spotted one Spanish girl in our row doing a Karlie Kloss impression (it wasn't nearly as spot-on as Tyra's) and laughing about it with her friends. If we may: Everyone needs to stop this. The girl is 14 (maybe a day over 15?), and she's kicking runway ass. If we spoke Spanish, we might tell this bully that her pleather paperboy cap was the most offensive accessory we'd seen all week.

As we waited for the show to start, the D.J. played Soulja Boy's "Crank That," and we were a little thrown off, since that's not the usual Fashion Week soundtrack (sample lyric: "superman dat ho"). But any shock we were feeling was replaced by sheer giddiness when Salt-N-Pepa plopped down in the front row, and we noticed Fabolous holding court across the runway. There was no shortage of dudes going up to him and trying to impress him with their rap skills. Not something you see at every presentation. —Amy Odell