Overheard in London: The Anna Wintour Home Hair Service

After the Paul Smith show at Claridge’s hotel last night, two London fashion journalists from competing newspapers squared off in the ladies’ loo. One had the most fabulously coiffed tresses we’d seen thus far. (Which isn't saying much: Runway hair this week at shows has been exponentially frizzy.)

Flat-haired Fashion Writer: Oh, your hair looks so great!
Rapunzel: Thanks, Umberto Gianni offered to do it for me for free.
FFW [to herself]: Oh, they didn’t offer that to me…
R [ignoring her]: They came to my home! The service is called the “Anna Wintour.”
FFW: They’re using her name? Surely she’d sue!
R [whispers]: Oh, shh! It’s not publicized. She doesn’t know.

Until now. —Sarah Maslin Nir