Sasha's Getting Healthy, Renting Russian-Mobster Flicks

Sasha, on the mend. Really. Photo: WireImage

As promised, the status of Sasha Pivovarova, who's been all but absent from the catwalks this season, is in. An IMG rep explains, “Sasha was under the weather this season and thus unable to go to the shows so far. She is sorry she missed them, but decided to rest up and is already looking forward to next season.”

There you have it. Without even this month’s shows wrapped, Sasha’s already looking to September. And she seems to be on the up-and-up: One of our spies did spot her at a video-rental store in Williamsburg the other night (we repeat: A SUPERMODEL WAS RENTING A MOVIE IN WILLIAMSBURG). Of all things, she was picking up Russian-mob flick Eastern Promises. —Kendall Herbst