Special Moments Backstage at Sean John

We had a lot of downtime backstage at the Sean John show, which gave us a good chance to hang out with the male models and drink Bellinis (we know, life is hard). Nearby was a makeshift "stage": bright lights and a backdrop, evidently where Diddy had been doing his interviews earlier. There was also a fake bar set up to advertise Ciroc vodka, the sponsor for the after-party. The male models, done with hair and makeup, goofed around this area, pretending to mug for the camera and flashing what appeared to be very faux gang signs. Eventually they disappeared into a dressing room and then … Diddy appeared, camera crew in tow. He appeared to be filming some sort of reality show. Before dropping trou (yes, we saw Sean Combs take off his pants — we'll never be the same), he approached the fake bar for a Bellini. He poured pink liquid into two glasses. "This isn't a Bellini. This is grapefruit juice," he said. Then he ran across the room to another bar, apparently for take two. "You ready to go, man?" he asked the cameraman, who was perfectly positioned for whatever shot it was they were trying to get.

After this artistic moment was captured, Ellen Pompeo and Helena Christensen wandered into the area. Was Helena wearing any Diddy-designed clothes? "No, I'm wearing Marc Jacobs," she said, opening her coat to show us. "I'm trying to keep it under wraps." —Amy Odell