Scruffy Men Surprise and Dresses Look Like Shower Curtains at the Grammys

Who knew tinsel and a shower curtain could make such a happy pairing? Opera star Katherine Jenkins wins Prettiest Dress. Photo: Getty Images

The Grammys were a snoozer artistically (for more on that, see Vulture) and so, sadly, were the outfits. We thought music award shows were a time for celebs to wear all that stuff they're not supposed to wear! Is it too much to ask for a nipple pasty here and there? Or a 17-year-old to unveil her "I'm bad" phase with fresh piercings and beeswaxed hair? Apparently, it is. Instead we got a couple of great outfits, a few terrible ones, and a lot that fell somewhere in between. Of those, way too many (i.e. Beyoncé's) looked like shower curtains. Nevertheless, here are our awards for Grammys fashion: