The Very Special Section C at Sass & Bide

Sass & Bide seated The Cut in Section C, Row Three for their 7 p.m. show in the tents. Which really shouldn't matter much to you, but we make note of it because every other seat in the first three rows of Section C was reserved for the show's sponsor: Make Me a Supermodel. That's a total of 48 seats. For Make Me a Supermodel.

We should note that Nicky Hilton, though not associated with Make Me a Supermodel, is in the front row of Section C. Perhaps it was to her benefit, then, that everyone kept referring to her as Niki Taylor (the host of Make Me a Supermodel, and perhaps the rightful owner of Hilton's seat). Photogs and reporters descended on her like starving vultures, prompting one headsetted brunette to cry out for security. Which never arrived. —Amy Odell