Exclusive: Limited-Edition Obama Silk-screened Tee

Photo: Fame pictures

Spotted: Ryan Philippe wearing a cool Barack Obama T-shirt last week. The design might look familiar: It's a silk screen of a poster by graffiti artist Obey (né Shepard Fairey), which is now selling for hundreds to, well, thousands on eBay. Only about 900 of the shirts were made and then handed out for free at rallies, which is how Philippe nabbed one in L.A. It's a pretty cool design, and you're looking at a relatively hot guy wearing the shirt (and perhaps you're even a fan of the politician depicted on said shirt), so obviously you want to score this look, don't you? Well, you're in luck: A thousand more shirts have just been made and are on sale for $25 apiece at Upper Playground starting now. If word spreads, you can expect this limited-edition stock to swiftly sell out, so buy early and often.

Shepard Fairey Shirts [Upper Playground]