Today in Marc Jacobs Rumors: K-Fed to Sit Front Row?!

K-Fed fits snugly between Anna and Suzy. Photo: Getty Images

There may be a bribery scandal floating around the 69th Regiment Armory, but Marc Jacobs's show will still go on tomorrow night at the scene of the crime (bets are still out, however, on how many hours late he'll start). As Marc is the show of the week, rumors are flying about the blogosphere like they're, dare we say, going out of style. Cathy Horyn heard that Sonic Youth would be playing at the show and found it hilarious (why that's so funny, we have no idea). Fashionista and WWD report that M.I.A. will D.J. the after-party. But all this gossip is nothing compared to the real story: WWD reports that Kevin Federline — yes, that Kevin Federline — will be the star of the front row. Apparently K-Fed is in town for just one day to discuss a movie role, and Jacobs is dressing him for the occasion in clothes from the new collection. In related news, night is day, white is black, Huckabee's still in the race, and Manning won the Super Bowl. —Amy Odell

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