Tyson Beckford Has Noticed the Way You Walk

Beckford, not walking. Photo: Getty Images

Ever wonder if you could be a supermodel? According to Tyson Beckford, you can be one just because you're from New York! The world's hottest male model has been everywhere this week, filming for his Bravo show, Make Me a Supermodel, and sending the hearts of our Fug Girls aflutter. Beckford says he's been having trouble leaving his role as a judge of hot men and women behind and can't get through a show without seeing a few models that make him think, “Now, who told this girl how to walk?”

“I always see some girls where I'm like, ‘Man, give me five minutes with her, and I can make her a diva.’ You spend so much time having a friend like Naomi Campbell, and you see the excitement and energy when she walks, and you want to put that in everyone.” He's been trying in vain to get the guys on his show to walk with that same energy, but, he says, “I'm having such a hard time getting that into them!” The problem? They're not from here. “Because these are small-town boys, they don’t walk as much,” he says. “They jump in their cars and go. We, as New Yorkers, walk with a destination. And that’s what I try to tell them: ‘Walk with a destination.’” The cast, including Perry in all his deliciousness, have been trying to copy our moves. “They’ve already been walking around New York,” says Beckford. But he draws the line at forcing them to, you know, actually go somewhere with a purpose. “We’re not going to make them do something silly, like go fetch us a cake from Starbucks,” he says. “There’s too much fashion going on for that.” —Jada Yuan