You Could Buy Cory Kennedy's Party Socks, But Why?

Ew. Photo:

A friendly tipster has alerted us to the disturbing presence of Cobrasnake pseudo-celeb Cory Kennedy's "pre-owned party socks," which are going on eBay for an appalling $4.30 — money we feel would be far better spent on a latte at Starbucks. Bidding started at 49 cents, and for whatever mysterious reason, five people seem to have bid on these "party socks" (and what, may we ask, the hell ARE party socks anyhow?) since noon yesterday. Bidding closes in less than ten days, at which point we can all learn the true price of the musty, booze-addled scent of mild fame. And alas, we bet it's going to be more than $4.30.

A very sad update: Um, they're going for $10.50 now. What is wrong with you people? You're ill. All of you.

super special CORY kennedy pre-owned party SoCKs L@@K!!
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