Young Hollywood Copies Anna Wintour

From left, Rachel Wintour; Rachel Bilson. Photo: Photos: Getty Images

If you hang on to something long enough — boots, a bag, a hairstyle — it's bound to come back into fashion some decade or another. Such seems to be the case with Anna Wintour's signature bob, which she's been rocking since she was 14. Ladies in your office have probably been jumping on the bangwagon (har! We kill ourselves) for some time now. So allow us to provide a recent celebrity example: Christina Ricci. Notice her fetching similarity to La Wintour? Mhmm. But it's not just Ricci who's on to the Voguebot!

So you've probably heard about Rachel Bilson's bangs by now, and we've been resisting saying anything about them because they're bangs and they belong to Rachel Bilson, for God's sake, and we try not to be too vapid here. But, with her hair the same shade of honey brown as Wintour's (and now Ricci's), she COULD be making a gradual Wintour morph as well. So young Hollywood wants to look like La Wintour — whether they realize it or not. And, since we're on the topic, Katie Holmes didn't bring out the bob. She brought out her Wintour.