André Leon Talley Does L.A. Fashion Week and Isn't Happy About It

On the left, Talley at the Sean John show in New York: It's a candid shot that's captured our man looking pleasantly surprised by the sudden photographer in his face. On the right, Talley at the Ralph Lauren show in New York appears radiant and content, with his signature looking-down-his-nose head cock. He not only is he fabulous, he's of additional fabulousness. Photo: Getty Images

André Leon Talley doesn't look very happy or comfortable here. That's because he's at L.A Fashion Week, can't leave until tomorrow, is probably sweating his ass off in that crocodile coat he's got on, and must endure it all without his boss and BFF Anna Wintour, who presumably sent him. She's obviously not there because it's L.A. Fashion Week (whatever THAT is), the highlights of which include The Hills' Lauren Conrad's show, which was today, and the Pussycat Dolls' show of their new lingerie line on Thursday. Could you imagine La Wintour in L.A? At a Pussycat Dolls show? Pale and bling-less? Loosening up her buttons, babe? Wearing her sunglasses because she actually needs them?

According to WWD, Talley wouldn't comment on the shows, saying he prefers not to judge them until "after I see the clothes." It's funny how much happier Talley looked at New York Fashion Week. After the jump, we compare and contrast New York ALT and L.A. ALT.

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