Ashton Kutcher, Fashion Cyborg

You always suspected there wasn't something quite right about him…Image courtesy of BNC PR

Ashton Kutcher quite literally comes apart for Mario Testino on the cover of V mag's spring issue, on stands today. Inside, he further opens up in an article interestingly titled “I’m Not Real.” Some choice highlights:

• Kutcher came up with the cover concept while watching a Gatorade commercial. “I was watching one of those Gatorade commercials where they had a guy on a treadmill, and they’re testing to see what his physical abilities are. I had this idea: What did the creator — God or whatever — make you for? Maybe we’re all doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing, and we’re all actually robots."

• Despite what birth certificates may say, he doesn’t believe he’s with an older woman. “I don’t believe that souls have an age. I honestly never think about it. If it wasn’t shoved in my face on a daily basis by magazines or people asking questions like this, I don’t think I would even have an awareness of it."

• Kutcher's still knee-deep in Kabbalah. “It’s not like a religion. It’s not something you join, it’s not a club. So the notion of leaving or going — it doesn’t really have that. It’s a personal choice. That’s a complicated answer; the real answer is that no, I haven’t defected. I haven’t had the chip uninstalled." There's a chip? We're noticing a theme here. —Kendall Herbst