Wonky Tanning Ads Appear in the ‘Times’; British Kids Make Cool Nail Polish

Photo: iStockphoto


• The Indoor Tanning Association launched an ad campaign this week trying to convince people that tanning beds are safe. Its ads in the New York Times call medical studies that assert the harmful effects of UV rays “junk science.” Doctors are furious, orange people cheer. [Ad Freak via ABC News]

• L’Occitane Ultra Comforting Set is on sale for $76 and includes mini-versions of the popular hydrating mask, cleanser, serum, and shea butter. [Beauty Snob]

• British high schoolers developed a polish that’s red in sunlight but turns clear indoors. This enables them to comply with the dress code in class and doll up for recess. Commenters note these Brits didn't have the idea first — Del Sol did the same polish-morphing thing a decade ago. [BellaSugar]

• Besame discontinues a few beauty products like the Cashmere Powder Compact. Scoop up the last of 'em at its online sale going on now. [Blogdorf Goodman]

• Transparent Finish To Go by Alison Raffaele is a white, transparent powder that changes tone to match your skin. Chameleon powder? Trippy. [Teen Vogue]