Our Carla Bruni Watch Continues: She's Wearing Purple!

This is a silk muslin bustier gown with "mille feuille" ruffles from the knee down. We adore her accessories, especially the shawl, which has notes of boho and hipster. We're not sure if the bouquet is part of some grand royal British tradition we don't know about, but it's a rather brilliant accessory. We're tempted to start carrying them about town after sunset and see if they catch on. Photo: Getty Images

Our Carla Bruni-Sarkozy watch continues! On day two of her First Official First-Lady Trip, she wore only Dior again, but she looked much more comfortable and cheery, and even delivered her first speech. It seems she's getting used to all this official-ness, and the British press are giddy again today over her chicness. And we kind of are too since we've accepted that although she's a former model, first ladies just won't vamp through the royal court in one of those new latex Balenciaga dresses. Her clothing choices matched her enlivened spirit: She broke out the bright purple we love so much on her. Now if only her fashion sense could rub off on poor Sarah Brown, who held a luncheon for her yesterday. See what we mean and check out her outfits after the jump.

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